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#1 2016-11-25 23:11:13

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App & Firmware Update 20161126

An update for the ProView S3 App and gimbal firmware have been released this week with below features:

1. User can enter 4 digit security PIN code for his App and gimbal, to avoid another nearby ProView S3 user using his App to set his/her gimbal parameters to your gimbal. In case the phone is restored to factory default state and the 4 digit security PIN code is forgotten, using the firmware update method described in the ProView S3 Quick Start Tutorial will reset the gimbal’s 4 digit security PIN code to 0000 default value. If PIN code of the App does not match gimbal’s, the selections in the Settings page will not show in blue color.

2. Some customers prefer aviator mode of steering the camera angle. That is when joystick is pushed left/right/up/down, the camera angle is steered right/left/down/up. “Toggle L/R Control” and “Toggle U/D Control” setup option is added to allow this feature.

3. After doing sensor calibration, if phone is still slanted a bit when properly mounted, using horizontal level adjustment method described in the Horizontal Level Adjustment Tutorial video, it’s forgotten when powered off. “Horizontal Level Adjust” is added to the App to allow manual adjustment to have permanent effect.

4. Some users feel the panning and tilting speed controlled by joystick is too fast. “Tilt Speed Adjust” and “Pan Speed Adjust” is added to allow user to set the preferred speed.

Users not needing above features do not have to update. If needing any of the above feature, both the App and the gimbal firmware need to be updated.


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