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ProView S3 Usage Notice

The ProView S3 gimbal require the user to (1) update firmware, (2) do sensor calibration, (3) balance the phone on the gimbal, (4) perform phone pairing to tune for optimal parameter; do them in sequence before using the gimbal.

Missing any of the above 4 steps, it will not behave correctly. Please make sure you follow below quick start video tutorial to do all the above four required procedures. Bear with us to spend 8 minutes watching this tutorial video before doing the 4 setup procedures. (Android Quick Start Tutorial). (iPhone Quick Start Tutorial).
After gimbal is setup, later when using the gimbal, simply mount and balance the phone, hold the gimbal in upright position and turn it on, you are ready to record video using your camera App; there is no need to use the ProView S3 App afterwards beyond the initial setup procedures.

The handheld smartphone gimbal is intended to be used holding in upright (0 degree), upside-down (180 degree), or flash-light horizontal position (90 degree); it’ll maintain steady camera shooting angle if rotated within a range of angle walking or running. Yet it’s not designed to work without any restriction as some might have thought, falsely reporting hardware problem when actually it's being operated outside its intended range. For example, a much more expensive gimbal on the market similarly cannot hold stabilization correctly when operated outside the gimbal intended working range: all-lock mode failing when operated outside its intended range pan-follow mode failing when tilt angle rotated more than 45 degree

The joystick is intended to be used this way: To adjust shooting angle to up/down/left/right direction, place the thumb lightly on the joystick, push the joystick slightly up/down/left/right. When reaching the desired shooting angle, pull slightly in the opposite direction to center the joystick instead of simply letting it go making a snap noise.

When reporting gimbal related issue, to allow us to see and understand what might be causing problem, please help make a video recording using another phone of how you hold and maneuver the gimbal:
1. Make sure battery is charged.
2. Remove the rubber cap for portrait shooting mode. (see figure at bottom of this page)
3. Mount and balance the phone. Make sure back of the phone is fully against the phone grip leaving no gap.
4. Begin video recording from when gimbal is powered off.
5. Power on gimbal. Hold it upright on a desk to do pairing phone tuning.
6. When finished, change to pan follow mode, maneuver the gimbal like (4:42 ~5:15) and see if there is problem
7. Afterwards maneuver the gimbal in the way that you find problem
Please upload the video to your Google Drive or Dropbox and provide us the link.
In case reporting App problem, please also make a video recording from turning on phone's Bluetooth and starting the App, up to the point App problem occurring.
Please post the problem to the discussion forum,, so others can also learn how it's resolved.

        ProView S3 Quick Start Tutorial (Android) :
        ProView S3 Quick Start Tutorial (iPhone) :
        ProView S3 Horizontal Level Adjustment Tutorial :
        ProView S3 Portrait Mode Tutorial :
        ProView S3 Optional Tuning Tutorial :
        ProView S3 Joystick Controlled Video Recording Tutorial (Android version) : 
        ProView S3 Joystick Controlled Video Recording Tutorial (iPhone version) :

        Frequently Asked Questions: … .php?id=37

Some users experience unable to tilt issue due to rubber cap used for portrait shooting mode interfering. So removing the rubber cap and save keeping it somewhere might be a good idea when first using the gimbal.


Thank you.


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